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December 18, 2011
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1st Half


"I'm in the mood for pillows; lots and lots of pillows," Mikey sang, crawling through a pile of them to reach his target.

"You've certainly got enough," Don said, his voice slightly muffled by Mikey's mattress.

He felt Mikey's fingers touch the backs of his thighs and he inhaled sharply. Don was lying face down, a mound of pillows tucked beneath his hips. He could tell Mikey was adding another one and making last minute adjustments because Don's rear was suddenly thrust further into the air.

"Mmm, very nice," Mikey hummed lowly, the ache under his plastron growing in intensity as he eyed his prize.

Don's tail had lifted as soon as he felt Mikey's hands on him. The little appendage quivered excitedly and Don reacted by shifting and squirming just a bit. The movement drew attention to the curvature of his shaft as it began to push at the soft cartilage in Don's plastron.

Mikey slid his hand between Don's legs and cupped his brother's cock. Using his fingertips, Mikey pushed the pillows aside so Donatello's dick would have room to make its appearance.

Don gasped as Mikey drummed lightly on his shaft. Donatello's cock reacted by dropping into his brother's hot palm. Mikey squeezed his hand around it appreciatively.

"Remember what I said, Donny. Don't move," Mikey husked, his eyes focused on the puckered entrance beneath Donatello's tail.

Don swallowed thickly. He couldn't see his brother; all he was capable of doing was clenching his hands in the bedding. Don's toes curled and it took all his will power not to dig them into the mattress and push against Michelangelo's hand, which was alternately squeezing and stroking his now weeping cock.

The mattress dipped between Don's knees and he listened for the sound of the cap being removed from the lubricant. Instead, Don felt something warm and wet touch his anus.

"M . . . Mikey?" Don stuttered and then gasped again as soft pressure pushed against his opening.

Closing his eyes tightly, Don held his breath as the moist softness stretched his entrance and slowly pushed into him. He felt an exhalation of hot air play across his ass, and Don's legs began to shake.

Mikey's loud churr vibrated against Don's butt cheeks and elicited an answering churr from Don.

"Oh shell," Don murmured between panting breaths.

The talented tongue that was stroking the inner walls of Donatello's ass with liquid heat climbed further inside. Don groaned as Mikey let go of his cock so he could dig both thumbs into the skin on Don's inner thighs, steadying his legs.

Don could feel the pillows under him pressing at the tip of his erection, and desperate for friction, he tilted his hips forward in an attempt to rub his cock against them.

The tongue instantly left his ass. "Don't move Donny," Mikey warned, reaching for his brother's neglected hard-on.

Mikey's tongue entered him again as Don moaned, trying to remain perfectly still. It took a herculean effort not to begin thrusting into Mikey's hand; his cock was rock hard and desperate for release.

As if reading his mind, Mikey started stroking his cock with a nice, steady repetitiveness that pulled Donatello ever closer to the brink.

Twitching and trembling, Don carefully spread his legs further apart in silent encouragement. Mikey hummed and twisted his tongue inside Don's ass; pushing in as far as he could before pulling back and repeating the maneuver.

"Ngh . . . ah . . . ah . . . Mikey, p . . . please!" Don called, driving his face against the mattress as waves of pleasure spiraled through his groin.

Reaching in as far as he could, the tip of Mikey's tongue pushed against the walls of Don's rectum and that in turn hit his prostate. A flash of white heat shot into Donatello's erection and he came, shaking and jerking uncontrollably.

He barely noticed that Mikey had removed his tongue and replaced it with his own swollen and needy cock. Driving into Don with punishing force, it took only minutes for Mikey to reach his peak and climax, spilling hotly into Donatello's core.

Don's fingers slowly uncurled from their death grip on the sheets. Mikey's weight settled on his carapace for the space of several long breaths, and then his brother rolled off of him and onto the bed next to Don.

"Well?" Mikey asked, turning his head to catch Don's eyes.

Don laughed shakily, still feeling too rubbery to move. "Okay, you win. You are definitely the master of the unexpected."



"Aren't you gonna knock or something?" Mikey asked as he stepped through April's apartment window behind Raphael. "She might be running around in her undies."

"She ain't home, Mikey," Raph said with a grin.

Standing inside the darkened apartment, Mikey realized his brother was right. He also started to wonder just how Raph had come to know April wouldn't be there.

Before he got the chance to ask, Raph was stalking off towards April's bedroom and Mikey had to hop to catch up. The door was closed, but Mikey could see light flickering underneath it.

Quickly grabbing Raph's arm, Mikey whispered, "Dude, I think she's here."

Raph shook him off and grinned lopsidedly as he opened the door. Stepping inside, he turned back towards the hesitant Michelangelo and tipped his head to the side.

"Well come on in; ya' just gonna stand there all night?" Raph asked, moving aside to allow Mikey room to pass him.

Eyeing Raph with suspicion, Mikey entered his human friend's very feminine bedroom. The lights were all off and Mikey saw right away that the illumination was coming from a multitude of scented, glowing candles.

Mikey was very quick. He knew a set up when he saw one.

Turning to Raph, he said, "Aw Raphie, you are romantic."

"Shut up," Raph growled through a grin as he closed the door and carefully locked it. "I just want some sex with ya' that ain't interrupted by the extra training and chores ya' have ta do because Master Splinter's punishing ya'."

"Where's April?" Mikey asked, worried that interruptions at home would be nothing compared to being caught doing it on April's bed.

"I talked her into spending the night at Casey's place. And I'll have ya' know, I had ta spend three hours over there cleaning it up so April would agree ta that arrangement," Raph answered as he sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him suggestively.

"So now I suppose you think I owe you something," Mikey said with a small snigger. Baiting Raph was dangerous but altogether too much fun to stop.

"Yep," Raph said without rising to the challenge. His golden eyes sparkled in the candlelight as he stared at his little brother.

Mikey swallowed. As much as he would like to hold out for a while and have a little fun, those eyes were pulling him with as much force as a rope around his body would have.

Moving somewhat jerkily towards the bed, Mikey didn't see the snakelike speed that Raph used to grab and yank him onto the mattress. His carapace hit the bed and then Raph was on top of him, straddling his hips.

"Damn Raph," Mikey croaked as his brother's teeth began nipping at his neck. "You act like we haven't had sex in a year."

"Feels like it," Raph husked against his skin, sending a warm, tingling sensation down Mikey's spine.

Wiggling his hips, Mikey tipped his head back to encourage Raph's attentions, drawing a dark chuckle from his passionate brother.

"Um, isn't April gonna be a little mad if we mess up her sheets?" Mikey asked as another wave of delight swept through his body.

"Nope," Raph answered, licking at Mikey's pulse point and gently biting his chin. "These are her 'company sheets'. We just have ta remember ta strip the bed when we're done."

"And when exactly is that gonna be?" Mikey wanted to know as he shifted his legs, trying to ease the painful erection growing under his plastron.

Raph raised his head to look down into Mikey's eyes. His expression was both lecherous and hungry.

"I'll let ya' know after the fifth or sixth time," he said.

"Oh, shell," Mikey muttered as Raph's mouth came down on his.

Responding to Raph's appetite, Mikey circled his brother's neck with his arms and lifted his head to press his open mouth greedily to Raph's. Raph's tongue was forceful, lapping at the inside of Mikey's mouth and twining around his little brother's tongue.

Not the kind to take it slow when in need, Raph's hand groped between them until he felt the bulge of Mikey's hidden arousal. Dipping his strong fingers into the slit, Raph coaxed the shaft out, grabbing and stroking Mikey's cock once he had possession of it.

Sliding his other hand beneath a pillow, Raph pulled a bottle of lubricant out of hiding. Moving so his legs were between Mikey's thighs, Raph let go of Mikey's mouth so that he could push a lubed finger into Mikey's ass.

Mikey watched Raph's face as he was prepped, the sight of the dark, intent scowl sending another wave of sparks into his groin. That purposeful look never failed to propel Mikey's endorphins into high gear, making his body feel as though it were floating.

Lifting his hips in encouragement, Mikey groaned and churred, becoming anxious.

"Shit Mikey," Raph laughed, inserting a second finger to better stretch his brother. "I'm supposed ta be the impatient one. Let me give ya' somethin' ta think about while I prep ya'."

Mikey's head came up, unsure of what Raph's intentions were. He was in time to see Raph's mouth coming down towards his cock and he gasped just before the wet heat surrounded him.

"Raphie!" Mikey shouted, his head hitting the mattress.

Raph chuckled around Mikey's penis as he began sucking and licking his brother's erection. Mikey shook and writhed on the sheets, panting while he scrabbled at Raph's head with his hands.

"Raph, Raph . . . I'm . . . I'm gonna . . . ." Mikey twisted his head from side to side, the feeling of Raph's mouth on his cock and his fingers in Mikey's ass quickly sending Mikey swirling toward oblivion.

Raph stopped sucking him long enough to mutter, "Do it." Then his mouth was on Mikey's dick again.

"Ahhh!" Mikey shouted, jumping and shaking as his orgasm hit. The feeling of Raph drinking his seed as he came was almost too much for his senses to take.

Still numb, Mikey barely felt Raph's mouth leave his cock. His legs were suddenly lifted high and his awareness returned enough to see that Raph had placed them on his shoulders.

"Sh~ell," Mikey moaned out as Raph penetrated him roughly.

Raph's full body thrusts were pushing Mikey's entire body back and forth on the bed. Mikey's hands came down to grab at the sheets and he held on to them as Raph sped up, driving down into Mikey's body with punishing force.

"Fuck!" Raph shouted. "Fuck Mikey! You feel so f . . . fucking tight. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of ya' tonight. I'm g . . . gonna wear your t . . . tight little ass out!"

Mikey's fingers dug into the mattress as Raph climaxed, slamming into Mikey's body one final time before he shot his load.

Eyes closed, Raph retained his grip on Mikey's thighs while he took several deep breaths. Mike slowly relaxed his fingers; his body still quivering from the rush of endorphins.

Raph opened his eyes and grinned down at Mikey before releasing his legs and tipping over to lie next to his brother.

"I'm pretty sure that's gonna leave a mark, Mikey," Raph said, rubbing a fingertip over the already obvious bruise along his brother's sea green skin.

Mikey turned his head to look at Raph, his eyes wide and stunningly blue.

"You know what Raph?" he asked. "I'm a lot more worried about what you said you're gonna do to my ass."



Waking in bed next to Leo, Don stared at the ceiling of Leo's room and smiled. The soft sound of Leo's breathing filled him with wonder; how had he ever managed to sleep alone when the joy of Leonardo's warm body relaxed him so?

Turning his head, he looked at Leo's face, amazed as he always was with how young his brother looked with the worry and anxiety smoothed away. This harsh existence was the hand Fate had dealt to them, but knowing that they had each other made things so much easier.

Leo stirred in his sleep, probably sensing eyes on him. Their leader was an incredible creature; mind, spirit and body molded into perfection by an iron will. Everything about Leonardo turned Donatello into quivering jelly that melted into a puddle with just the right word or tone of voice.

That he would follow Leo anywhere and do anything his brother asked of him was a foregone conclusion. Donatello belonged to Leo with every fiber of his being.

Leo murmured something in his sleep, no doubt facing some hidden threat that the awareness of being watched had brought on.

Feeling guilty, Don rolled onto his side and brushed a soft kiss to Leo's cheek. His brother immediately relaxed, his mouth softening into a slight smile.

Heart thudding in his chest, Don studied that smile with wonder. Even in sleep Leo seemed to know that Don was there and that they were both safe.

Don lifted a palm to Leo's chest and began to rub the scutes gently; the slight rasping sound of calloused hand against toughened plastron sending sparks into his lower regions. Curious, he massaged Leo's plastron with ever widening circles, touching every plate as softly as possible, wondering how far he could go before his brother woke.

Leo sighed in his sleep but his eyelids didn't even flicker. Emboldened, Don continued his ministrations, now moving lower until his palm was dancing along the bottom portion of his brother's plastron.

Don watched as Leo moved his hips slightly, a soundless encouragement that had Donatello smiling hugely. His oldest brother was such a sensual creature; even in sleep his body reacted to certain stimuli with wonderful predictability.

The sight, feel and smell of Leonardo was having a very predictable reaction on certain parts of Don's body as well. Inhaling deeply, Don began rubbing harder against the area where Leo hid his manhood.

Leo's hips lifted again, followed by a low moan. Don could feel the softer part of Leo's plastron begin to rise beneath his palm and by continuing to avoid any sudden movements, Don hadn't yet wakened his brother.

Pleased with himself, Don stared as Leo's erection pushed out of hiding. Turning to look at Leo's face, Don carefully circled his brother's shaft with his hand, holding it without doing anything further for the count of ten heartbeats.

Leo's head turned to the side and his mouth opened slightly to pull in air. His chest rose and a tiny churr pushed its way up and out.

Feeling incredibly sneaky, Don shivered and tightened his grip on Leo's penis. Tugging almost imperceptibly, the movement still had its desired effect as Leo's cock filled out into a proper erection.

Trembling with anticipation, Don reached for the tube of lubricant that was lying at the foot of the bed. Uncapping it one-handed, he managed to squeeze a generous amount onto one of his fingers without releasing his hold on Leo's dick.

Reaching around behind his body, Don inserted the finger into his own ass and carefully prepped himself. While he worked, he continued to pump Leo's cock just enough to keep it hard and firm.

Leo's hips were lifting in a regular rhythm now and his hands were clenching and unclenching in the sheets. His cock was dark with need; beginning to leak the pearlescent precome that signified complete arousal.

Don deemed himself ready and moved to straddle Leo. As his knees made the mattress dip on either side of his brother's body, Leo's eyelids fluttered and opened.

Seeing Donatello poised over his erection, Leo smiled drowsily. "Experimenting Donny?" he asked.

"I was almost there," Don responded with a grin.

"Mmm. Don't let me stop you," Leo told him.

Encouraged, Don lowered himself down onto Leo's cock, enjoying the slow slide as he impaled himself. The full feeling his brother gave him made his cock bob in reaction, but Don quickly circled his fingers around the base of his erection.

Leo saw the movement and lifted his eye ridge. Before he could ask, Don was raising and lowering himself onto Leo's cock and the elder turtle began lifting his hips to meet each downward motion.

As he worked to bring Leo off, Don surreptitiously coated his fingers with lubricant again. This time his hand went back and down to Leo's entrance. When he pushed inside Leo's ass, his brother gasped with sudden understanding.

Don's need was growing despite the cock blocking technique he was attempting, and he knew he needed to work faster. Moving his body at a quicker pace, Don practically slammed himself down on Leo's hot erection.

"Dona~tello," Leo breathed out in a long rush of air as his hips lifted and stayed in mid-air, his head coming up from the pillow at the same time.

Don felt the flow of molten come pour into his insides as Leo climaxed. Milking the last of his brother's come by squeezing his ass around Leo's dwindling erection, Don pulled his body away while Leo relaxed back against the bedding.

Removing his finger from Leo's ass, Don quickly spread lubricant over his own throbbing penis. Moving between Leo's legs, Don spread them further before gripping the bottom edge of his brother's shell and lifting his hips to a comfortable angle.

Without preliminaries, Don plunged his cock into Leo and began thrusting. Leo was relaxed and willing as Donny drove into him, even lifting his legs to wind them around Don's shell.

It didn't take much more than that for Don to hit his orgasm. With a slight cry he came, pouring himself into his brother with small jerks and shivers.

When it was over, Leo lowered his legs and Don pulled out, crawling up to return to his spot next to Leo.

Rolling over, Leo placed an arm across Don's chest and kissed his shoulder.

"Going for the stealth attack, little brother?" Leo asked with a hint of humor. "You're a natural ninja."

Don started to laugh and Leo happily joined him.



"Where has your focus been lately, Michelangelo?" Leo demanded when he finally called a halt to their run.

Mikey blinked. When Leo had asked him to go out on patrol, the orange banded turtle hadn't expected it to lead to a lecture. He should have guessed.

"Hey, I thought I did pretty good today; I whipped Raphie boy three out of four falls," Mikey pointed out.

"And Donatello took you down twice," Leo said darkly. "When we spar, I expect you to win, Mikey. You have the raw physical talent; you should be able to beat them handily."

"Aw shell, Leo, everyone has their off days," Mikey told him.

"This was not an off day," Leo said, eyes narrowing. "You weren't paying attention half the time; I could tell by the look on your face. So we're going to play a little game."

Mikey almost choked in surprise, finally croaking out, "Is that why you brought us to the top of a condemned school building?"

"I'm giving you a thirty second head start and then I'm coming after you. The ground rules are that you must remain in the building," Leo said; his amber eyes trained on Mikey with unwavering intensity. "You have to elude me for fifteen minutes, Michelangelo. That means you make no sound to give yourself away, leave no sign for me to follow, choose no obvious hiding places, and stay unseen."

Mikey was taken aback by Leo's ferocity. Swallowing his growing anxiety, Mikey asked, "I'm supposed to out-ninja you?"

Leo nodded; his head down and a slight smile on his lips. "Failure at this task carries . . . consequences."

"What kind of con . . . ." Mikey started to ask before he was interrupted.

"One, two, three . . . ." Leo began to count in a near whisper.

Mikey spun on his toes and darted off, racing to the door that served as the emergency roof exit. His nunchakus made short work of the lock and he was inside in just under ten seconds.

Leo's mouth spread into a smile as he watched his little brother's tail disappear. Stalking and capturing Michelangelo was going to be very enjoyable.

By Mikey's internal clock, he had managed to elude Leonardo for almost six minutes. Ducking into another darkened classroom, Mikey was careful to disturb as little dust as possible, leaving no visible tracks at all near the door.

He would stay in this room for less than a minute before moving on. Mikey figured his best strategy was to keep moving; he was sure that Leo would expect him to choose a hiding place and stick to it. With any luck, Leo would spend all of his time looking in closets and under desks.

Working to control his breathing, Mikey mentally counted off the seconds. He hadn't heard a sound since entering the school and hadn't really expected to. Leonardo didn't make sounds.

When an appropriate amount of time passed, Mikey turned back towards the door and careened plastron first into Leo.

"Schools out," Leo whispered.

Why Mikey started to shake he had no idea. It didn't help his nervousness that Leo was staring unblinkingly at him, the tiniest ghost of a smile at the corner of his lip.

"H . . . how about best two out of three, dude?" Mikey asked, slowly backing up.

Leo shook his head, moving forward with each step Mikey took.

Spinning around, Mikey made a dash for the door, only to find it was locked. Before he could manipulate the mechanism, Leo had his biceps in an iron grip.

"Punishment time," Leo said lowly, turning Mikey and marching him across the room to a large desk, obviously having belonged to the teacher at some point in its history.

As Mikey was bent over the desk, he protested, "Leo, can we talk about this? Um, maybe, you know, discuss what I've been doing wrong?"

"You've been misbehaving in class, Michelangelo," Leo told him. "I have talked myself hoarse. Now don't move."

The command was given in Leo's leader voice and Mikey froze; his arms out and fingers grasping the edge of the desk.

A rasping sound filled the room and Mikey knew Leo had just unsheathed one of his katanas. One of his really, really sharp katanas. If Mikey was frozen before, his body was now ice; he didn't even dare breathe.

Leo smiled at the sight of Mikey's cute ass turned up for him. Flipping the katana so the flat side was showing, he brought it down on Mikey's butt cheeks.

"Ow!" Mikey yelped. The cold steel stung like crazy, and Mikey hoped one swat would satisfy his brother.

Apparently it didn't. Bringing his arm back, Leo paddled Mikey again and again. Mikey was trying not to squirm, but his ass was starting to burn and his eyes were watering.

"Please, Leo!" Mikey shouted as the katana struck him for a fifth time. "I promise I'll pay more attention and concentrate during practice. Just stop before you make it so I can't sit down anymore."

Leo leaned over and murmured into Mikey's ear slit, "Maybe then you won't play video games or read comic books when you're supposed to be doing katas."

Mikey blushed, knowing full well his leader was right. He had been sloughing off practice regularly, thinking no one would notice. Mikey should have known Leo would take that as a serious offense.

"Okay, point taken," Mikey said. "This was a great lesson; a wonderful lesson. I'll never forget this lesson, just please stop now."

"Oh Mikey," Leo said in a low, hungry tone, "this lesson isn't over yet."

Before Mikey could begin to process that statement, he felt Leo's rough palm stroke across his sore ass. It should have made his butt hurt more, but it didn't; the movement was more of a tickle than anything and Mikey started to pant.

"W . . . what are you . . . ?" Mikey began.

"After all the effort and work I put into training you, and in setting up this little lesson, don't think I'm not going to get some comp little brother," Leo said as he slapped Mikey's ass lightly.

Mikey heard Leo sheath his weapon. He started to turn his head, wondering if Leo had left the room, when he felt his brother's hands pull on his butt to separate the cheeks.

Wondering if Leo was going to ram into him without lube as part of this lesson, Mikey squeezed his eyes shut and tried to will his body to relax. Instead of the expected sharp pain, he felt a well lubed finger touch his entrance before sliding in.

In a complete reversal of the previous harsh punishment, Leo prepped Mikey slowly and gently, crooking his finger slightly to brush the nerves that reacted with such excitement to the slightest touch. Mikey's cock hardened quickly, and when Leo slid two fingers into him, Mikey's cock sprang to life and escaped confinement.

A strong hand surrounded his shaft and began pumping him. Mikey groaned, every brain cell shifting to a much lower part of his extremities. He didn't even notice that Leo had removed his fingers.

The hard stiff cock pushing into him got his attention. Leo began to churr when he was only halfway in, and Mikey started to churr right along with him. His big brother's hand never ceased its rhythm as Leo began to stroke Mikey's insides with his cock.

Mikey didn't know if he was allowed to move yet and decided to err on the side of caution. He was so close to coming, he didn't want to give Leo any excuse to stop jacking him.

The movement of Leo's hips became harder and faster; more frenetic in their pace. He increased the speed with which he pumped Mikey's cock.

"Tell me you've learned your lesson, Mikey," Leo whispered, his voice hoarse with need. "Tell me you won't forget what I'm teaching you."

"I won't f . . . forget," Mikey moaned. "Never, never, never . . . . " Voice quivering as it trailed off, Mikey came, flooding Leo's hand with his essence.

One last, hard inward drive and Leo buried his cock as he released, groaning through his climax. As the heat swirled into him, Mikey set his forehead down on the desk and inhaled a mouthful of air.

When Leo let him go, Mikey held on to the desk for a minute or two before standing up and turning around. Leo had tucked away his penis, and Mikey did the same, his eyes unwavering as they studied the leader.

"Now I know what detention is like," Mikey said with a grin.

Leo sighed. "Why do I get the feeling that you haven't really learned your lesson?"



The ropes creaked with every movement Raphael made; thin yet strong, they bit into his flesh, forming little pockets of swollen heat everywhere they touched.

He shifted; trying for a little relief and testing the rope work at the same time. Neither effort did him any good; Donatello was an artist with jute.

His brother stepped back to admire his masterpiece. Don didn't often get to practice the bondage art of Kinbaku and he was making the most of the occasion. The look of rapture on the genius' face told Raph he was enjoying himself immensely.

Raph took a deep breath and held it for a moment, releasing the air slowly in an effort to calm his excitement. His arms were firmly locked behind his back in an intricate box tie, only his fingers mobile should he need to signal for their game to come to an end.

On the floor in Don's room, Raph's legs were bound in the Futumomo Shibari style; each leg bent back on itself with the heel against the buttocks. His legs were spread wide, making his lower extremities open and vulnerable.

Heat had already begun to pool in his groin, and Don had done no more than tie him. His brother was an artist at more than just the intricate weavings of rope patterns; as he worked Don also touched, allowing his fingers to brush against Raph's body in his most erogenous zones.

Unable to move, Raph could only stare at Don, waiting for his brother's next ploy.

Don's dark gaze roamed over Raph's bound form; his eyes devouring small details. Tiny beads of sweat had already formed on the emerald skin, defining the various parts of that magnificent body that had become swollen under the pressure from the rope.

Donatello could hear Raph's attempts to steady his breathing, which was becoming more ragged despite the red banded turtle's best efforts.

The challenge had been issued and taken, thanks to Donny's verbal manipulations. It was too late when Raph figured out he had been played, and by then he couldn't back out without losing face.

Stepping around behind Raphael, Don reached for his brother's mask and slipped it sideways, cutting off Raph's ability to see.

Raph had expected that maneuver and didn't flinch. What he didn't expect was the hot breath against the side of his head as Don leaned in close.

"I'm not going to gag you, Raphael," Don said in a low purr. "I want you to be able to admit I've won."

"You ain't won anything, Donny," Raph rasped, his voice already husky with need.

He snapped his lips shut but Don's chuckle told him he'd given too much away.

"Starting to feel helpless yet?" Don asked him, his voice a velvet caress.

Raph flushed. Don wasn't going to allow him to concentrate in an attempt to mentally escape. He should have known that the turtle most adept at speech would use it to torture him.

A crinkle of sound behind him turned Raph's head. Tilting it slightly, he tried to hear what Don was doing.

The loud crack that snapped the air near Raph's head made him recoil. A second later, something that felt like several thin fingers brushed over his shoulder slowly, and the smell of leather assailed his senses.

Don watched as Raphael wiggled his hips unconsciously as soon as he recognized the feel of the cat-o-nine tails on his skin. Don lifted the whip and very lightly struck Raph across the exposed flesh above his plastron.

"Do you like that Raph?" Don draped the end of the whip on top of Raph's head and lovingly brushed it across his bald pate. "Where should I strike you next; on your arms, across your thighs, or should I aim for more sensitive spots?"

Behind his blindfold Raph squeezed his eyes shut. The feel of the leather tickling the back of his neck was sending shivers down his spine.

Don moved the whip over Raph's bound arms, making sure to let the leather come in contact with his brothers hands. Glancing down, Don saw that Raph's tail had stiffened.

Using the whip's studded handle, Donny rubbed along the length of Raph's tail and his brother gasped.

Pulling his arm back, Don swept forward in an underhand arc bringing the end of the whip snapping against Raph's tail and rear.

Raph jumped and cursed under his breath. The ends of the whip had reached beneath him and caught the more delicate cartilage in his plastron. Breathing heavily, Raph felt his cock begin to grow.

"It is really delicious to watch you struggle Raphael," Don said, the hunger in his voice evident. "You're fighting a losing battle; why don't you save yourself some pain and admit I've won? You know how good I can make you feel."

Don lapped at Raph's neck with his tongue, biting his collarbone lightly. A curl of pleasure snaked along Raph's pelvis and his dick began to inch its way out of confinement.

Holding himself in was growing painful. To compensate for his inability to focus, Raph growled, a low sound from deep within his chest. Donatello answered with a churr and boldly forced a kiss on his brother's mouth.

Raph held out against the pressure of Don's lips for about ten seconds before giving up and opening for him. Don's tongue quickly slipped past Raph's teeth.

Don hummed with pleasure and Raph unwittingly responded, even leaning forward slightly to hold onto the kiss when Don began to move away.

Another growl, this time of frustration, was met by the light tap of the cat-on-nine tails across Raph's thighs. Steeling himself for another onslaught of leather, Raph was suddenly surprised by the brush of something soft across his inner thigh.

Don watched Raph's body quake as he played the wand made of soft feathers along the insides of his brother's legs. He could see Raph's cock slowly hardening and smiled, knowing the stubborn turtle wouldn't hold out much longer.

Dipping the feathers along Raph's slit; Don tickled his brother's evident arousal.

With a low groan, Raph dropped down, his cock filling out swiftly into a solid erection.

Leaning close again, Don whispered, "Give me the rest of the control Raphael, you know you want to. Tell me I've won and I'll make this feel so good."

Raph was panting as he began to struggle against the ties that held his arms. Don watched his shoulders twist and turn, understanding that this was Raph's final battle. The beads of sweat were larger now, the flush on the emerald skin more pronounced. Raph's breathing was way off, the pounding of his pulse evident in its erratic rhythm under the skin on Raph's neck.

Carefully sliding the ends of the leather whip across Raph's pulsating cock, Donny waited.

A strangled cry escaped Raph's tight lips. "Yes, damn ya'! Ya' win, Donatello. I give it ta ya'; the control is yours."

Donny dropped his toys on the ground and stepped in front of his brother. Don's cock was out and hard, and he pressed the tip to Raph's lips.

Raphael opened his mouth and accepted his brother's erection. Don held Raph's head as he thrust into the warmth, relishing the feel of Raph's tongue playing along the underside of his dick.

"N . . . not too much, Raphie," Don murmured. "Just get it wet."

Raph groaned and did as Don asked. A few more thrusts and Don pulled his cock out of Raph's mouth, carefully tipping his brother forward so that his chest and shoulders rested on the floor.

Moving around behind Raph, Don flipped the emerald tail up and extracted the butt plug he'd placed there earlier. Raph was churring and groaning as he felt Don slide into him, so high on endorphins he was unable to speak.

Don began pounding into him as hard as he could; unworried about causing pain. He dug his fingers into the swollen flesh along Raph's hips, playing with the skin that was caught between woven strands of rope.

The hard drive of Don's cock and the pinch of his fingers was too much for Raph's last attempts at self-control. With a loud grunt he climaxed, spewing a rich fountain of come across the floor.

Raph's ass spasmed around Donatello's cock, triggering Don's orgasm and his milky fire filled his brother.

They were both struggling for breath for several long moments. Don finally pulled out and fell to his knees, resting shakily against Raph's rear.

"I told you I could make you come without touching your cock," Don said with a chuckle.

"Shut up and untie me," Raph growled.



Raphael and Leonardo slogged through heavy mud to reach the sewer tunnel. Thunder rumbled overhead as they pushed their way into the sheltering pipe. Heavy rain turned into a torrential downpour.

Breathing heavily, they slowed down to a jog and then finally stopped running altogether. Raph leaned down, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Leo had turned back towards the entrance, his stance stiff and watchful.

"They ain't behind us anymore, Fearless," Raph growled, his patience wearing thin. "We shook 'em off a couple of miles back."

"You have a bad habit of underestimating Agent Bishop," Leo snapped without looking at his brother. "I would rather spend a couple of minutes making sure we've lost his men than to lead them to the lair."

"That's the kinda shit that really pisses me off, Leo." Raph straightened up and glared at his brother's shell. "Don't always assume I'm a fucking idiot."

"What you did out there to draw their attention to us in the first place was pretty idiotic," Leo retorted. "Why must you always start a fight when it isn't necessary?"

"Why do ya' always have ta run from one?" Raph countered. "I still say the best way ta find out what Bishop's up ta is ta grab a couple of his men and beat the information out of them."

Leo spun back to him so quickly the calf deep mud splashed up against the tunnel wall.

"How do you know that isn't exactly what Bishop wants us to do?" Leo said angrily. "You are so predictable."

Furious, Raph bent down and scooped up a handful of mud, flinging it wordlessly at Leo. Trying to dodge too quickly, Leo's feet slipped in the mud and he slid sideways, slamming carapace first into the concrete wall.

Leo saw Raph coming at him and lifted his foot to splash mud into his brother's face. Raph's hands came up, blocking most of the gunk before he threw himself at Leo.

Pushing off from the wall, Leo kept his feet flat and skated across the muddy bottom of the tunnel, barely avoiding Raph's rush. Reaching out, he smacked the back of Raph's carapace, sending his brother careening into the wall.

Raph caught the wall with his hands just before his head connected and then swept backwards with a fist aimed at his brother's face. Leo pulled his head back in time, but didn't see the foot coming at his legs.

Raphael's sweep caught Leo and the blue banded turtle went down with a loud splash. Off balance, Raph slipped and fell down next to him.

When he saw Leo trying to get back up, Raph swung a fist at his jaw. Leo ducked under it and then dove into Raph's plastron, driving him onto his carapace.

Raph grabbed onto Leo and rolled, dragging his brother along with him. Leo was punching at his sides, trying to pull out of Raph's clutches, but the hot head stubbornly held on.

Getting Leo under him, Raph sat on his brother's stomach. Raph pushed his hands into Leo's shoulders to hold him down, using his elbows to block the punches aimed at his face.

Feeling the mud oozing under the edge of his shell, Leo kicked up with his legs, trying to unseat his brother. Raph held on; his crazed thoughts equating Leo's movements to that of a bucking bronco.

Covered in mud, the two combatants squirmed and struggled. They were at a stalemate; Leo couldn't remove his heavier brother, and Raph couldn't lift a hand for fear of giving Leo a way out.

Suddenly Leo started laughing. He stopped fighting, letting his arms slap back down into the mud as his body shook with mirth.

Raph stared at him for a long moment; slack jawed at his normally stoic brother's behavior.

"What is so fucking funny?" he demanded.

"Us," Leo said; his amusement still very evident. "We were almost captured by Bishop who would have dissected us without a moment's hesitation and all we can do instead of going home is to fight in the mud."

Raph thought about it for a second while he focused on Leo's face. Overwhelmed by the rare smile and even rarer laughter from his leader, Raph couldn't help but be struck by the absurdity of the situation.

He started to laugh then too, joining his brother. The sound bounced off the tunnel walls and echoed through the sewers. And then Raph leaned over and kissed Leo.

The kiss was quick, but it was also solid and strong. Sitting back up, Raph stared into Leo's eyes, searching for something without really being sure what it was.

Leo's face still retained a little half smile as he for once lay docile beneath his brother. His eyes were looking for something as well.

Very slowly, Raph tipped forward once more. Hesitating just before he reached his target, Raph lifted an eye ridge. Leo's eyes darted down to Raph's mouth before returning to meet his gaze and Raph kissed him again.

He could taste the mud on Leo's lips as he pressed his tongue to them, asking for admittance. Leo opened immediately and they shared the taste of wet earth and each other.

Taking a chance, Raph lifted one hand and let it roam over Leo's body, still half expecting Leo to take advantage of that opportunity to reverse their roles. Instead, his brother brought his own hands up to grasp the edges of Raph's shell, holding onto him tightly.

Raph groaned into Leo's mouth, the feeling of Leo giving in so strange it was erotic. His other hand fell away from its grip and his weight settled on top of Leo as his hands explored the body that for once wasn't fighting him for control.

Leo's muscles were well-defined and sinewy; Raph traced them with his roaming hands as his tongue delved deeply into Leo's mouth. Without really thinking about it, Raph dug his knees into the space between Leo's legs and was once more surprised when Leo opened them willingly.

The mud under and around them was good clean earth mixed with rainwater and Raph didn't hesitate to dip his fingers into it. Shifting just a bit, but without relinquishing his hold on Leo's mouth, Raph felt around until he found the opening beneath Leo's tail.

A long shudder let Raph know that Leo was aware of what was about to happen. As Raph pushed his finger into Leo's tight entrance, his brother churred; long and loud.

With a gasp, Raph broke their kiss. "Oh shell, Leo. I never knew ya' got off on mud."

Leo was already panting as he looked up at Raph from beneath half opened eyelids. The amber color swam out at Raph and he suddenly felt like he was drowning in it. Leo was so unlike his usual reserved, competitive self that Raph had to glory in the feeling even though he didn't understand it.

Sliding down Leo's body so that he could kneel between his legs, Raph felt his brother's erection pressing up at him. Raph hadn't even realized that Leo had dropped down, but he saw that Leo's cock was fully engorged and dark with need.

Raph churred at the sight and wrapped a hand around the shaft, squeezing gently. Leo hummed and lifted his hips, thrusting hungrily into Raphael's grip.

The movement made Leo's inner walls constrict around Raph's finger and the red banded turtle inhaled sharply. Withdrawing his finger, Raph grabbed his own hard cock and lined up with Leo's entrance.

Instead of the usual hard drive to penetrate his brother, Raphael slid in slowly. A low moan escaped Leo's throat and his hand came up to cover the one that was on his cock.

Raph started to pump Leo's dick as he fully sheathed his own in Leo's ass. Head down, he took a moment to adjust to the strange situation before he began thrusting.

Leo's knees came up as he lifted his legs and planted his feet firmly on the ground. Spreading his knees further apart, Leo began to lift his hips to meet each of Raph's thrusts.

The mud ebbed and flowed around them with a squelching sound as Raph pounded into his older brother. Leo was whispering words of encouragement as Raph fucked him, calling out for him to move faster and harder.

Leo's voice in combination with those words pushed Raph towards orgasm with alarming speed.

Moving his hand faster on Leo's erection to try and bring him off first, Raph growled in his deepest baritone, "Come for me Leo, do it! Can ya' feel me poundin' into your tight, hot ass? I own it, Leo. I own your cock too and I wanna see ya' come."

Leo gasped and froze, his hips lifted above the mud as he shook hard and then climaxed. His come splattered both of their hands and painted a white trail across the dark mud on his plastron.

"So good Raph," Leo crooned as his ejaculate spewed forth in hot waves.

That was it for Raph. He'd hardly ever heard Leo speak during sex, much less offer him praise. His cock twisted and then exploded inside Leo's ass as Raph jerked and shook through his intense orgasm.

Leo's hips began to lower and Raph followed them down, his chest heaving with his exertions. He was still trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened and all he could think of was that since Leo was covered in mud, he was practically invisible.

Invisible means there isn't anything to hide. An invisible Leo meant that his tightly strung brother could let go of his inhibitions and control issues to simply take what he wanted.

Raph grinned at his own flight of fancy. He had no idea if that's what had happened, or if Leo simply had a kink no one knew about, until now.

Reaching across Leo, Raph grabbed a handful of mud and let it slide between his fingers. Leo pushed to sit up and Raph moved back to give him room.

"What are you thinking about?" Leo asked.

Raph smiled crookedly as he looked at Leo. "I'm just thinking about getting a few buckets of this stuff ta bring home with us. It has a terrific effect on your personality."

A blob of mud hit him in the face.

Title: Montage 1st Half
by hummerhouse
Disclaimer: The TMNT are not mine. No money being made.
Word Count: 7,775
Rated: Hard NC-17
Rimming, oral, spanking, bondage - ropes and chains, whip and feather play, mud wrestling, water sports, sex toys, fisting and triple penetration.

Montage 2nd Half [link]

Go look at the fantastic mini-comic drawn by ~rainbow-flyer and see if you can guess which of these stories it's based on. [link] Go now! :XD:

Happy Holidays to all my TCest and Chat Room friends! I wanted to give you all a gift of TCest joy, but because everyone has a different OTP I decided that gift needed to be all-emcompassing.

So here for your reading pleasure is a compilation of thirteen stories featuring each pairing, including my favorite - OT4.

Each pairing features a Top/Bottom and the title for each section will tell you not only the two turtles involved, but who will be the Seme/Uke.

I have worked for days on this and it is massive, so I've uploaded it in two halves. I would love to hear from you about which story you favored most, I'm curious as to which pairing gets the most favorites.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season, ya'll!
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Hummerhouse Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
The joy of playing with each pairing is how very individual each of the turtles truly is. Change one out for another, and the mood becomes something completely different. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed these!
NykonaSharrowkyn Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
So true. Each pairing has a completely different dynamic. I have to thank YOU, for giving me some very interesting mental images. ;)
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Wow!!!! This....This here deserves a good amount of feed back. So here it goes.

Mike and Don:
I always love these two, but this is one of the main reasons! Both would try anything at least once when it comes to sex (at least in my mind because I think both of them have some crazy kinks) That and this works for me since either of them could top the other.

Raph and Mike:
Oh boy. My first tcest pair, and still is my favorite. This is just flat out how their relationship would go, no questions or concerns about it! I love Raph's need in this, and that talk! Oooooo I'd be worried too if I were Mikey (though I bet he's slightly excited about the idea)

Don and Leo:
I love reading about these two, if only for the fact of this sensual, loving nature they have. It isn't just fucking, it's deep and meaningful love making. I love how Donnie is trying to be all sneaky too! Hehehe I just imagine him with the cutest face of concentration as he makes sure he doesn't wake Leo. Speaking of, Leo's reaction was so damn sweet! I love seeing Leo's softer side like this.

Leo and Mike:
What do I even say here.... This scenario fits scarily well in my mind. Misbehaved student punished by strict teacher. They're even in a classroom for crying out loud! It's just perfect. Normally I don't like reading things that involve spanking and such, because the author makes it seem awkward, but you did it really nicely!

Don and Raph:
Newly favorite tcest ship, and this is the biggest reason. Donnie having bondage kinks and stuff like that just gets me so well! And Raph.... Poor alpha male Raph... That's just perfect for him, because as much as he claims to be a dominant (and he is) he also makes a very sexy submissive! Love that ending too! Hehehe

Raph and Leo:
I have to say, this one I am very happy with. I love how Leo slips into a submissive role for once, and how confused yet happy Raph is about it. The way you explain it at the end, about Leo perhaps being able to let go of his control issues when hidden like that, I find very meaningful. The joke about him just having a kink for mud is funny too. XD

All together: I love how comfortable and natural you are able to keep them. The trust and love is evident in each one, and it's very sweet despite the actions that are happening. Great job. I sincerely enjoy reading these. ^_^
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
This is the wonderful kind of comment that makes me do backflips! Thank you! :D I hoped to relay with each segment not just their great sexual relationships, but the love, trust, and commitment they have for each other. They should be able to voyage into kinky fun without embarrassment or qualms, that is the kind of closeness they share. Showing how well they know each other and the innovative ways they have of keeping their sex lives fun and interesting was a blast!
Lost-InMyWonderland Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! I bet it was fun making all these different scenarios XD So many possibilities to choose from!
ccshadow Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
I really enjoyed these and I can’t help it, I gotta comment on all of them!

M/D - Mikey was very hot, “master of the unexpected” indeed :XD: He found one way to save on lube! I liked the description; “driving into Don with a punishing force”. Fed my imagination quite nicely :D
R/M - Loved how strong Raph’s sexual appetite came through. His dirty talk cracked me up, I could so imagine him getting carried away like that! Mikey might be right to worry (just as well they’re using April’s “company sheets”) ;-) D/L – This scene was nice and intimate, just like these two. I love how Don perceives Leo as a “sensual creature” even when he’s sleeping. I also enjoyed how sneaky he was & the fact that they each got a go. The description of Leo & how "he turns Don into quivering jelly" made me melt too!
L/M – Leo was quite entrancing in this, like Mikey brings out this smouldering sexy side of his character. Mikey should know Leo's always aware if he's slacking off! Loved the setting, Mikey will be up for more detention for sure! :XD:
D/R – I was absolutely captivated & loved the ending. Don knows how to play Raph perfectly :XD: I could easily see these two getting into bondage!
R/L – That was so drool worthy! :P Loved the mud fight & the description of their eyes searching for something. The whole scenario was awesome & the ending was funny 
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed these and the comments on each are lovely! I always see D/M/D as a playful pairing, very lighthearted and adventurous. Leo in any setting oozes sex appeal; the quiet, strong willed kind as opposed to Raph's fiery sexiness. I've always thought that of the four, Don would enjoy the appeal of bondage - experimenting with ropes, mastering the intricacies and different techniques - and I'm sure his brothers would trust him completely. R/L practically wrote the last scenario themselves, they have a way of taking control of my fingers!
AlphaLightBearer Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh boy this is tough! i enjoyed all of them so much! you have a talent for narrating and your knowledge of combat provides breathtakingly precise depictions of every toss and turn during a fight scene. i could never get enough of that!

that said, if i HAVE to choose, my favorite 'act' would be in the 1st story. the mental image of M eating out D's ass is just too explicitly fantastic!
however, my favorite 'plot' would be in the 6th; the situation they're in, the situation they GET in...
i can also say i very much enjoyed the description of R's predicament in the 5th story, the futumomo shibari pose left nothing and more for the imagination!
another plot i enjoyed was the 4th's, hiding, punishment, lesson (not) brings on the thrill of the chase which happens to be a 'fetish'? of mine.
i can't go without saying that R's dirty talk in the 2nd story was quit provocative!
so i guess the 3rd story would be the mildest one in my opinion. however, the seme/uke role reverse was
refreshing. these guys and the 'situations' the get in are so hot it's difficult for me to designate who's more fitting for sub or dom.
OT4 go bragh!!! :love:
KUDOS to you, my favored teller of tales :typerhappy:
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
I'm grinning from ear to ear! :D I'm so happy you had such a good time reading these. After this period of time certain ones stick out for me more than others - the OT4 one of course, M/D because I love the dynamic between these two and Mikey was being so playful, the D/R one because R let D tie him up, and the R/L 'cause I like the idea of Leo being turned on by mud. The OT4 one is in the 2nd half, and there are ones in that half too that I enjoyed coming up with. :heart:
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I drew this. Make of it what you will.
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re-reading this after several months of not looking at it, and all those short glimpses at the erotic side of turtle interaction are still as breathtaking as the first time i read them. The characterizations, the lively descriptions, the imaginativeness, just enjoyable from beginning to end.

also, all of those would make so awesome short comics... SOMEONE SHOULD DO THAT!
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
I'm so glad these snippets are holding up to the test of time! :) I thoroughly enjoyed writing them.

Well, we both know I won't be the one creating comics since I can't draw at all! But if someone else wanted to take a shot at it, they would be more than welcome. :lol:
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I really need to check your gallery more thouroughly. How the shell could I miss this mind-blowing-into-candy fic? My whole body twisted and turned at every words, every scene you wrote, and finally melted into mud (yes, mud!) at the last couple, also my OTP. I really don't care who's the seme or uke, as long as it's Raph and Leo :squee:
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
These took me a while to write 'cause I had to take a cold shower after each segment! XD I really liked the mental image of Raph and Leo rolling around in the mud. ;)
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Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
It's okay, you are all caught up now! And how can we be total strangers when we like a lot of the same stuff? :)
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and now I got to go and read the next one!!:iconiluplz::icondeathhugplz::excited:
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