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June 5, 2012
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The smog from Shredder's factories warred with the smoke produced by his army's path of destruction as it rolled and twisted around Leonardo's form.

Standing against a crumbling brick wall just outside of the latest rebel base, he tried to ignore the acrid smell of burning rubber and the more clinging scent of burning flesh. The stench clung to his coat and climbed into his pores even as the boom of nearby weapons fire assaulted his hearing.

A moment later the concussion shook the ground beneath his feet and sent mortar crumbling onto his shoulder. He absently brushed it away as he returned to his private thoughts.

Raphael found him exactly where he thought that Leo would be. His brother's unseeing eyes surveyed the demolished landscape, preferring the solitude here to a room filled with enough noise to rob him of another of his senses.

Moving towards Leo on nearly silent feet, Raph purposely made enough sound to warn the elder brother of his approach.

Leo's head turned slightly. "Raph."

"Hey," Raph said, stepping up next to Leo and looking out over the ruined horizon with his one good eye.

"Where's Mike?" Leo asked, his voice almost too soft to hear.

"Watching Don work, like he used ta do before Don disappeared," Raph told him, his own tone mild.

Leo turned away as another boom cut the air. "He knows that's not our Donatello, doesn't he?"

Raph shrugged and then remembered that Leo couldn't see the movement. "Yeah," Raph said. "He knows and he don't care. It's close enough; same face, same voice, same way of doin' things. Mike ain't gonna leave Don's side."

"Afraid this one will disappear too?" Leo's head shifted again as he listened to the cadence of Raph's voice.

"He will ya' know. Eventually. He'll fade out of here the same way he came in. Mike just wants some return for all of the years we spent hunting for our Donny," Raph said.

"He died." Leo stated it as a fact. "I think we all knew that after the first week that he was gone. Don would have found a way back to us otherwise."

Raph lifted a hand to Leo's shoulder, the touch the first hint of the rekindling of a closeness they once felt.

"I know," Raph said. "Mike didn't want ta believe it."

His hand tightening on Leo's shoulder, Raph turned to face his brother, urging Leo around with his grip. Face to face, Raph could see his reflection in Leo's dark glasses and grimaced at the section of his mask that had been sewn shut.

Reaching up with his free hand, Raph slipped the glasses off of Leo's face. Leaning forward, Raph looked deeply into Leo's eyes, seeing the blank, dulled look in what used to be flashing amber.

"I wish ya' could see me," Raph said hoarsely.

"I can see you, Raph. I can see all of you in the way I want to see you, back when we used to smile," Leo explained.

Raph swallowed the emotion tightening his throat, keeping his hand on Leo's shoulder in order to remain balanced.

"This plan of Don's, is it gonna work?" Raph asked finally.

Leo's lips briefly quivered into a tiny smile. "Yes," he answered.

"We gonna make it?" Raph tried for a lighter tone with this question and failed.

"No," Leo replied, seeming to look into Raph's eye.

"Ya' could fix it so we do," Raph suggested.

Leo shook his head. "Then the plan won't work," he said simply.

Raph thought about it for a minute and understood. He sighed. "I see your point."

"Mike knows," Leo said.

"Yeah, he's sharp that way," Raph acknowledged.

They stood in silence for a few minutes, neither moving as they seemed to pull something they needed from each other.

"Time for it to end, bro'?" Raph asked, searching Leo's blind eyes.

"Yes, Raph," Leo answered, lifting one of his hands to Raph's shoulder too. "Time for it all to end."
by hummerhouse
Disclaimer: The TMNT are not mine. No money being made.
Word Count: 677 SAINW
Rated: PG-13

A discussion between brothers. One of the most beautiful cartoon episodes ever created - makes me cry like a baby every time.
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Skyrider-1 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:( (Sad) Waaaah! 
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
Me too! :crying: rvmp 
horsesrunfree Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Well, at least we know they planned it like that. Sad, isn't it?
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Even writing about it makes me cry. :sad: 
Wolfofmyeyes11 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
;-; I cried for a week when I saw 'same as it never was'
think ima go weep again....😭
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
I can't watch it too often 'cause it still makes me cry! :tears:
Wolfofmyeyes11 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It's like the creaters of TMNT were just like
Derp: let's make them cry!
SomeonewhoLOVESLeo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist
That episode is so sad... makes me cry EVERY freakin' time! :tears: You wrote this fic perfectly, fits very well into the SAINW theme. *wipes tears away from eyes*
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
I simply can't watch that episode without crying! Even reading the fics I've written for it makes me cry. It's like, if I ever need a good cry, I know where to go.
raphiesgirl1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student General Artist
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