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December 8, 2013
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100 Theme Challenge
36. Precious Treasure

“April, you really don’t have to come all of the way inside with me,” Don said, flushing as he stood in the doorway to his bedroom.

His mind, already overly tired, was making a quick mental inventory of how he’d left his bedroom. It wasn’t as messy as Mikey’s tended to be, but it wasn’t nearly as tidy as he’d want it to be for April’s first time inside.

“Nonsense,” April said in a firm tone. “I said I’d tuck you in and I meant it. I know you Donatello. If I don’t make sure you’re actually in bed, you’ll find some project to work on before you get there.”

“I w . . . won’t,” Don stuttered. “I promise.”

“Stop stalling,” April insisted, planting her hands firmly on his plastron and pushing against him. “Where’s your light switch?”

It wasn’t that April was strong enough to move him, or that she even had the leverage to do so, it was the fact that Don was self-programmed to do anything she said. With a short nervous chuckle, he backed up and let her into the room.

“Hang on, I’ll turn on a lamp,” Don said hurriedly. Having consigned himself to having April in his room, Don opted to avoid the bright overhead lights in the hope that the lamp would leave some of his space shadowed enough so that she wouldn’t notice the disorganization.

The lamp next to his bed was the smallest and that was the one Don switched on. He realized suddenly that there was a picture of her on his bedside table, a candid shot he’d taken that she didn’t know about.

Don glanced up quickly, his cheeks reddening, but April had her head turned as she looked around the room. In a flash, Don grabbed the photo and slid it beneath his mattress.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take a hot shower?” April asked.

“No, no, I’m fine,” Don said quickly, a mental picture of April standing there waiting for him to rinse off flitting through his head. “The rain washed the dirt away. I just need to take off my wet things and slide under the blankets.”

He said it in a dismissive way, hoping she’d get the message and leave, but instead she crossed over to him and said, “Give them to me; I’ll go hang them in the bathroom so they can dry.”

“Could you . . . uh, turn around?” Don asked, knowing he was blushing vividly.

April gave him an odd look, probably wondering how he could be so shy about undressing when what he wore didn’t actually cover anything. Shrugging her shoulders, she spun around, tapping her foot as she waited; one hand out to accept his things as he took them off.

Don set a record in removing his gear, jumping into bed when everything was off except his mask. Reaching back to untie the knot, Don said, “You can turn around now.”

When April faced him, Don handed her the mask and pulled his blanket up to his chest.

“That’s much better,” April said with a satisfied smile. “Do you need anything else?”

“No,” Don said, feeling less self-conscious now that he was under the blanket. “Thanks April, for everything. You know, helping Casey find us and then covering for us so Master Splinter wouldn’t get angry that we’d gone out.”

April contemplated him for a moment, then said, “We’re all in this together, Donnie. There’s no way I could ever sit around if I thought you were in danger. As for me trying to hide the fact that we went out, I did that for me too. My dad would flip.”

As she headed for the door, Don called after her, “Goodnight, April.”

With her hand on the doorknob, April replied, “Goodnight, Donnie. Lights out.”

The door closed gently as Don switched off the lamp. Fluffing his pillow, Don laid back, a broad smile on his face. April had said she couldn’t stand the idea of his being in danger. Well, not exactly those words, but something to that effect. It made his whole horrible night so much brighter.

April was very much a precious treasure to Donatello. Not like the kind of treasure you try to own, but the kind that brings joy to your life just because they are in it. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her.

As his thoughts traveled along that path, Don suddenly heard the sound of his door opening. Don wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but it could only have been a few minutes so he figured April was coming back to check on him.

Turning his head, Don saw the door close behind the shadowed form, leaving the room dark. Frowning, Don sat up to turn on the lamp when the bed dipped down next to him and a strong hand grabbed his arm.

“Don’t turn on the lights, I don’t want Raph to know I snuck in here,” Casey whispered.

Don reached under his pillow where he kept a small pencil flashlight and turned it on. It gave off enough illumination for Don to see that Casey was wearing nothing but a fresh bandana across his forehead and a pair of gray shorts.

“You didn’t need to check on me,” Don said nervously, afraid that Raph would come looking for the boy.

“I didn’t come to check on you,” Casey said, leaning towards Don. “I came to be with you.”

“What are you tal . . . ?” Before Don could ask the question, Casey yanked the blankets back, fully exposing Don’s body.

Wrapping an arm around Don’s shoulder, Casey pressed against him. Surprised by the unexpected action, Don grabbed onto the boy.

“I guess I ain’t too great with words, ‘cause ya’ haven’t been getting my message,” Casey said in a husky tone. “So I’ll just show ya’.”

Pressing a hand to Don’s face, Casey kissed him, right on the mouth. There was no mistaking the gesture as something more than friendship, because Casey tongue was insistently asking for a way inside.

His system completely overloaded by a whole slew of strange new sensations, Don opened his mouth and Casey’s tongue immediately took possession.

Holding onto Casey for dear life, Don shuddered and started to kiss back.

Don’s eyes snapped open and he sat bolt upright, his heart hammering in his chest. The room was pitch black and Don’s hands shook as he turned on the lamp to verify that he was alone.

It was just a dream; really vivid, very life like, but just a dream. Don clutched at the blankets and laughed in relief.

After a second his mouth snapped shut as a thought struck him. Why was he having that kind of dream about Casey?

36. Precious Treasure
by hummerhouse
Disclaimer: The TMNT are not mine. No money being made.
Word Count: 1,142
Summary: Written as part of the 100 Theme Challenge. I am trying my hand at the 2k12 series and have taken some liberties with Casey Jones since I began writing this before his character was introduced.
*Based on my newest ship - Don loves April who has a crush on Casey who has the hots for Don. Triangle ahoy!
Rated: PG-13

Preview art by the wonderfully talented :icondragona15: *Dragona15 See the full sized version here-->

Find all previous chapters here:…
37. Eyes

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Like, a love pile for real. There's enough Donnie to go around! \o /

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