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Stunning 2014 Inspired Movie Art

Raphael by Miss-Von-Gore 2014LEONARDOcolor by Lady-Valiant

The Seven Tenets of Bushido

1. Rectitude. Correct judgment or procedure for the resolution of righteousness. "To die when it is right to die, to strike when it is right to strike."
2. Courage. A virtue only in the cause of righteousness. Death for an unworthy cause was termed a dog's death. "It is true courage to live when it is right to live, and to die only when it is right to die."
3. Benevolence. Love, affection for others, sympathy, and nobility of feeling are regarded as the highest attributes of the soul. "Benevolence brings under it sway whatever hinders its power just as water subdues fire."
4. Politeness. A poor virtue if it is actuated only by a fear of offending good taste. Rather it should stem from a sympathetic regard for the feeling of others. "In its highest form politeness approaches love."
5. Veracity. "Truthfulness." Lying was deemed cowardly, and it was regarded as dishonorable. Indeed the word of a samurai guaranteed the truthfulness of an assertion. No oath is necessary. "Propriety carried beyond bounds becomes a lie."
6. Honor. A vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth is implicit in the word honor. "Dishonor is like a scar on a tree which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge."
7. Loyalty. Only in the code of chivalrous honor does loyalty assume importance. In the conflict between loyalty and affection the code never wavers from the choice of loyalty. "A samurai was obliged to appeal to the intelligence and conscience of his sovereign by demonstrating the sincerity of his words with the shedding of his own blood."

Way of the Warrior

Art inspired by or for fics, commissions and gift art

Fic Quotes

“Raph had decided to stay and draw them off of me so that I could escape,” Leo was saying. “He thought that I’d actually leave him. When I said I never would, he told me in his most severe voice that he thought I was smart enough to know that warriors are expendable but leaders aren’t.

“He was so furious at me for standing with him that he had tears in his eyes. That got to me; the depth of feeling that Raph was displaying, the concern. It wasn’t just about my being a brother to him.

“I wish I could properly describe the emotions that revelation brought on. They filled my chest and swelled my neck so that I was afraid I might burst. Powerful, hot headed, psycho Raphael – his whole universe is us. All of those years I spent believing him to be a self-centered, egotistical brute that occupied himself with body building just so he could show us up in a fight. It wasn’t anything like that at all. He just didn’t ever want to fail us; he was driven by the fear that he wouldn’t be strong enough for us.”

~~from "Claiming Him" part 12


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Mature Content

a satirical view on current events by MomoRawrr
Apple Pie and Humming birds by FrankenPupTMNT - Hummerhouse N Donnie by Dragona15Birthday Hummerhouse by Dragona15Tiz that time of year again by TeratopheliaTrochilidae by ashitarimaitmnt don and the puzzle box - Nicco by Dragona15Hummers wet dream by MsObscureDonatello by ashitarimaiWatchers Are Awesome! by Hummerhouse Ride a Hummer by KameChuu Happy Hummer Holiday by KameChuu Comin Your Way by Teratophelia

"We were raised as brothers so that we could be family. We were raised as ninjas so that we could adapt. We learned to be a team so that we could survive. Now we are learning to strip away the last of the barriers between us so that we can live." Leonardo - from the fic "Claiming Him"

Greetings and Felicitations! Welcome to my humble homepage. :iconhummingbirdplz:TMNT Stamp: 2003 by Culinary-Alchemist

First off, let me say that I'm no artist. Most of what you will find in my gallery is fan fiction and almost all of it is based on my fandom of choice - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3 cartoon verse.

I write everything from brotherhood to brotherly love, including TCest. I like to write action and drama as well as some light comedy. I have TCest fics, Slash fics, and fics with a female OC - so be aware of what you're getting into. I do add warnings and summaries - so if something includes dubcon, noncon, bondage or any of a number of other kinks I enjoy, you'll know ahead of time.

I do not write death fics. I do not read death fics. It's just a personal preference and something I like my readers to be aware of. The only exception is the SAINW universe because any deaths there are canon.

I also don't write about the guys being mutilated in any way, shape, or form. I like 'em just the way they are!

I adore artists; I grew up with one and have always migrated towards talented people. I however can't draw a straight line with a ruler, therefore any original artwork in my gallery - either posted as art or as preview art - has been used with the express permission of the artist. I always ask first!

One last note - I don't do requests! Sorry folks, but I never run out of ideas of my own, so I haven't enough time to tackle other people's ideas. That's not to say that chatting with my pals won't birth a bunny; that's happened plenty of times! I just don't solicit for them.

As with my fellow writers, I say welcome, thanks for reading and remember - Don't like, don't look.

Peace! Immaginary Foot patrol by MomoRawrr Tcest: The End Justifies by Fulcrumisthebomb TMNT Nobody+Leo JF6 by HummerhouseFeliz Feathers and Fixit for Hummer by Teratophelia

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Motown and Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Landscape paintings, carved wood and welded metal
Favourite cartoon character: TMNT
Personal Quote: "I ride for the brand."


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 6:59 PM

A couple of new additions for your amusement and HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICA! 2015 NaNoEmo - #12 Turkey La Dancing Turkey Icon 

Aggravating = A person who creates 47 deviantArt accounts in order to create 1,000 new Groups inside of 2 months within the same fandom.

Annoying = Said person posting journals to every conceivable existing Group begging people to join those new Groups and then whining that ‘everyone hates me’ when no one joins.  Because there are already 2 to 3 Groups that cater to that niche in the fandom and another one isn’t wanted.

Rude = Said person taking over a flourishing existing group and making an arbitrary decision to destroy it because it does not suit their personal needs.  Then hiding comments that do not agree with their decision (and therefore the rude replies they made to people’s offers to help) while also featuring any comment that agrees with them.

Contravene = Someone who continually posts screen prints to Groups whose rules state they do not allow screen prints.  Who then also attempts to post journals to Groups who have already made it clear they are ‘art only’.

Narcissistic = A person who asks for free stories about their OC and when someone offers, is nasty to them when they make a reasonable request in return.

Drive-by fan = Enters a fandom with as much fanfare as possible yelling ‘look at me, look at me’, wreaks havoc for a couple of months, then slinks off to another fandom to repeat the process.


From MissMoMo1990 Askhole (noun) = A person who constantly asks for advice or feedback and totally disregards what you tell them.

From Dragona15 Self-promoters = a person who drives by a deviation leaving comments like "Hiiiiii lemme just selfpromote myself right here plz follow plz k thx" and leaves a link to their page.

From Christy-nee-chan Dumb-sharing = the person who just comes to catch some popular works and think it's nice to edit AND/OR share it in others websites without the permission of the author and when they're caught they play dumb faces: "the website is mine, I post whatever I want".

From NeatTea Oblivious info baby = person who needs information being spoon-fed because lack of reading and/or attention skills and is unaware that the question has already been answered multiple times before.

From MomoRawrr Sobster (noun) = A person who resorts to telling a not topic related sob-story of their life (e.g. struggling with depression, bullies at school, problems with the family, you name it) in order to gain sympathy-points during a dispute/conversation/discussion when they undoubtedly were in the wrong and committed a previous offence. Often seen in the recolorist- and reposter-faction of a fandom, but can also be used to try and obtain the favors of unsuspecting spirits that were previously not involved in the initial debate.

From prplbeedoo The Compulsive RPer = always in-character, never listens when people ask them to stop, or lays a claim to x character and becomes overly protective of them in a very fan-insert-y, OTP-y way.

Also from prplbeedoo The Idea-man/woman = A person who swears up and down that x character was their creation, and that you or the creators of the original show stole them, or otherwise just snatched the idea straight out of their heads, and sometimes demands compensation.  Coincidence or the concept of similar thought never occurs to them, because they view themselves as being so original no one could have thought up what they had.

From sampsonknight I’m/Not-Me = A person that uses other accounts to create another persona to harass others over what has been done to them and act as if they are some concerned friend of the ‘person in question’. Many times this person will deny who they really are, making up some fake name just in order to be rude and attack others and have their hands clean of their deeds. Extreme cases of I’m/Not-Me will make sure to have their persona well known by commenting on the ‘person in question’ works and journals to make the persona seem like they are a real individual, in order to keep the illusion alive. 

From :Myrling: Group-parasite: Noun (alternative definition: Cuckoo-nesting/Cuckooing: verb)
A person that takes advantage of groups that automatically accepts art in order to spread their own work, even if it has nothing to do with the group in question. You can be sure that you've encountered a group-parasite if a deviation is featured in over 100 groups that has little to nothing in common, and thus proving that the misplacement is a fully intentional attempt to promote themselves and not an honest mistake.

From Raykushi Netiquette = The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.  Mostly ignored by those who fit into the above definitions.

This is getting GOOD!  What a wonderfully imaginative group of people you are! :worships2: 

I'd be happy to add to this list if you guys have more. Cool Wink 

If you could take a ninja turtle to school with you, which one would it be? 

57 deviants said Donatello - brains baby, brains! Are you kidding me? Who doesn't want to ace every test?
35 deviants said Raphael - a coach's wet dream. You'd be protected by the athletic department AND a bad ass brawler.
15 deviants said Leonardo - a teacher favorite. You'd never get into trouble with administrators or your parents if he's around.
13 deviants said Michelangelo - the class clown. Talk about being the most popular kid in school!



Art of Turtle seduction by gameguy199


October 2015: Hummerhouse by dragonriccaJuly 2015: Hummerhouse by dragonriccaMay 2015: Hummerhouse by dragonriccaNovember 2014: Hummerhouse by dragonriccaJune 2014: Hummerhouse by dragonriccaApril 2014: Hummerhouse by dragonricca2ndplace by EnsoDancer


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SadoraNortica Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm letting you know about this since you are more active in the fandom and you have a group so you can reach more people. There is a new FB page that is posting fan art that is found on Google.…

If people are against their art being used in such a way, they might want to keep an eye on the FB page.
babygirl127 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
Testing to see if messages are acting up for me. Hey Hummer. :D
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Nice profile~
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Helllooo there,
Uhm, I'm a long-time reader of your work - but this is my first comment EVER on DA. So yeah... you should feel honored, hahaha ;P
First of all, your work is.. wow.. fantastic. I'm an aspiring writing myself, not with fanfiction, but I am jealous of the way you are able to weave these amazing characters into your stories. I wish I had the art of description as you have.. You make me jealous a lot >.<
Anyhow -cough- I actually just wanted to ask you a question. I absolutely love your conjured plot lines and I was wondering how you organized all the series of events. Do you plan the plot line out somehow, in a particular way? Do you have a chart you made that you to refer to? That's one thing I'd like to improve upon. :)
Again, I absolutely love your writing and your writing style. I check in a lot of see if you have posted or not. :3
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Congrats on winning second place in the ABC Turtle Tot challenge. I really loved your entry! TMNT Mikey stars Emoticons by sampsonknight  
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melkep Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
Hey. So, I've read majority of your work, and I am in all honesty very impressed. You have talent. I'd just like to ask you a favor. If you don't do this type of thing, I totally understand. But, I'm about 20k words into a pending story on TMNT (plot shall not be hinted at) and I was wondering if you'd perhaps be open to reading the first page? It's only 357 words, but gives an idea of my writing style and whether or not most of the story will be ramble. I'm not asking you to edit; such a service shouldn't go unpaid. But instead, maybe you could offer some constructive criticism? Since you clearly have a talent of your own, I trust you wouldn't steal anything. Honestly, what's there to steal from from under 400 words, anyway. Sorry to drag the request out, but if you're open to the idea, you could send me your email and I'd send it right over. Or, you could give me some other way of sending it. If not, I completely understand. Love your work!
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